Healthy Foods for a Party

Are you planning a party for this summer, perhaps for the 4th of July? Well, we all know the delicious foods normally served at these parties, but with people trying to eat healthier for summer here are some better options to eat.

Grilled Chicken – This is probably the easiest way to make a healthy meal for any occasion. By easily substituting burgers for chicken, you can save endless amounts of calories. It is still high in protein (and deliciousness!) but it cuts out plenty of unneeded fats and calories.

Vegetables – Whether this means grilling vegetables or simply serving them as a side dish, either way provides a healthy snack to go along with the entree. Vegetables can be substituted as a treat instead of potato salad, which is full of unhealthy fats, and both are equally tasty if prepared right! Also, Instead of chips and dip, a vegetable tray can work much better for a party. It is both stylish and healthy to substitute these unattractive chip bowls for a much more appealing and attractive vegetable tray!

Water – Though you hear this in every single article like this one, water adds the benefit of filling you up before you even take in any calories. It keeps you hydrated and full of energy too. One of the most important benefits of water is that it actually fills you up! It prevents you from going for that last hotdog or burger and, instead, spending that time having fun with the rest of the party! Oh, and by the way, water also makes you feel great too!

Buns – Instead of those grilled burgers, you’ve already made the right decision of using chicken patties instead. But these chicken burgers can be much more healthy! By using whole wheat buns instead of white buns, a delicious chicken burger can taste just the same but with a wheat bread bun on it!

While still eating healthy, it is important to have fun this summer. So every once in a while it’s okay to have those burgers and chips, and just remember that everything is fine to eat in moderation. Have fun in the sun this summer and don’t forget to eat healthy!

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